About 200gr.

Silent Shadow by Sergio Herrero

They say 21gr. is the weight of a person's soul. Maybe 200gr. is the weight of its shadow. A show of shadows which reflection close to the performance reaches a real aesthetic sense. A person in constant transit multiplied by its shadow. The delicate and precise set of shadows make us, at some point, doubt if the body crosses the screen, creating amazing dimensional sensations, coming to the foreground. Even shows us the pupil that observes us in a lighting effect with its blinking eyelid. You can see that the spectacle was built out of the occurrence, but its creator, António Júlio, has managed to keep the hits released in the trials, by experimental method of trial and error, everything that can reach the sublime point he maintains throughout the 25 minutes of show. Although the risk of improvisation is lost, at times like this you also thank, in the fields of performative arts, to see not the experiment but the discovery.

There is also something of the circus in the proposal. The more difficult still, to ask: how does he do it? But without: alehop! From the silence, the meditation and the purity of the plastic. The reflection on the body is mysterious and profound. Starting from immobility, his body creates the silhouette in question, and the small movements of limbs produces, at times, the sensation that these seem alien to him. Speaking about the body includes, and it could not be otherwise, an attention to disability, into a moment of poetic mood where to the armless figure will grow two small wings that make him fly.

When silhouettes fall apart, they seem to fold as a paper sheet: the body can be body-object, and it is indeed when it becomes transformed into a Swiss Army knife. Poetic humor led to the summit with the image of the penis-head. But certainly wins the poetic: the split of his shadow on two figures, producing among them a delicate encounter and giving each one independent movements, excits and amazes: it will be one of those images that remain forever etched in the brain where memory and fantasy are mixed.

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